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Transparent and approachable commercial real estate investment

Sandra and Lance Taylor use their combined 60 years of experience across the commercial real estate industry to create wealth for investors through risk-adjusted returns.

SL Taylor invests in commercial real estate with the goal of creating sustainable and long-term wealth for investors.

Started in Dallas, Texas in 2016, SL Taylor Investments is a woman-owned business committed to acquiring, improving, and divesting commercial real estate properties.  


The company focuses on multifamily and retail investments and leverages the team’s deep commercial real estate experience to generate risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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The SL Taylor Difference

Over 60 years of combined experience

During their combined 60+ years in CRE, Sandra and Lance W. Taylor, CCIM, have successfully held senior-level positions and were responsible for properties and portfolios at companies like CBRE, Hunt Development Group, Prudential, Deutsche Bank, EB Arrow, and the Archon Group (a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs).

Two minds, one 360-degree viewpoint

A husband and wife team in real life, Lance and Sandra find that their professional skills and experiences complement each other – minimizing industry and process blind spots and pitfalls. 

Sandra’s property management and business development experience combined with Lance’s institutional ownership and property development background facilitate a comprehensive, panoramic view of every acquisition, development, and eventual sale. 

Professional environment

SL Taylor focuses on asset appreciation and conservative investments that support investors' stable, long-term financial goals while maintaining a courtesy-driven, family atmosphere. 

Investors with SL Taylor enjoy honest, transparent, reasonable executioners; conservative asset modeling and return expectations; and regular, timely, and professional reports. The team regularly seeks investors' opinions and courtesy approval on large financial transactions.

Welcome to the family

Sandra and Lance Taylor leverage their combined 60 years of experience in CRE to execute, manage, and improve real estate investment assets to generate risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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